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Fractures services offered in Leawood and Merriam, KS

Fractures are painful, often sudden injuries that severely affect your mobility. H. Scott Ellsworth, MD, of the Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, is an expert in assessing and repairing shoulder and elbow fractures. He has offices in Leawood, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri. The key to a successful recovery after suffering a fracture is to see an orthopedic specialist like Dr. Ellsworth. Call the Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance today or book an appointment online to find out how he can help with your fracture.

Fractures Q & A

What are fractures?

Bone fractures are common injuries that can happen to anyone. If you suffer a crack or break in a bone, the resulting pain will limit your range of motion and make day-to-day life more difficult.

Acute fractures happen when you suffer a sudden injury that overstresses or impacts the bone. These can result from sports and recreation injuries, falls, auto accidents, and accidents at work. Different kinds of acute fractures include:

Stable fractures

Stable fractures are simple breaks where the bones don’t move away from their correct position.

Comminuted fractures

A comminuted fracture is when a bone breaks into three or more sections.

Compound fractures

If you have a compound fracture, you’ll see the bone. The broken end might stick out of your skin. Or the tissue damage might be so severe it exposes the bone.

How are fractures treated?

The treatment Dr. Ellsworth recommends for your fracture will depend on where and how severe it is. He also considers your age, general health, and activity level. A stable fracture is the easiest to treat. Because the bones haven’t moved out of position, stable fractures just need a cast or splint to protect them during healing.

A fracture where the bones don’t line up might be suitable for closed reduction. In this procedure, Dr. Ellsworth uses his hands to move the ends of the bones back into position before applying a cast. He uses X-rays to ensure that the bones are correctly aligned.

Recovery from fractures requires expert physical therapy. Severe injuries like comminuted and compound fractures usually require surgery.

What surgery would I need for a fracture?

Surgery for fractures is called open reduction. Dr. Ellsworth makes an incision through which he accesses the damaged bone. He puts the bones back in the right place using fixtures like screws, plates, and pins to hold them together. He also repairs soft-tissue damage.

Complex fractures could require external fixation, where Dr. Ellsworth uses a device resembling a cage to provide extra support. The cage attaches to pins coming out of your body, and while it can look alarming, it offers the best chance of proper healing.

If you suffer a severe joint fracture, you might need joint replacement surgery.

Call the Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance today or book an appointment online for expert assessment and treatment of your fracture.